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Residential Asphalt Paving

Are you looking for an experienced company to install a new asphalt driveway on your residential property? At Soles Paving our residential paving practices are second to none and we have a proven track record when it comes to residential asphalt and concrete services.

Commercial Asphalt Paving

When it comes to impressing your customers you have to start from the outside of your commercial properties. The commercial paving team at Soles Paving provides innovative approaches to enhance the durability, efficiency and look of your new asphalt or concrete surface.

Parking Lots, Driveways, and Roads

Our company provides a wide range of services to it’s commercial and residential customers, from new asphalt paving of commercial parking lots and private driveways, to maintenance and repair of existing pavement systems. Our reputation is one of which we are proud.

Sealcoating & Striping

When the color starts to fade, the asphalt is even more prone to cracks and potholes which can be dangerous for vehicles give us a call for long lasting sealcoating services. We take pride in building relationships with our customers based on trust and the integrity of our work.

Asphalt Millings

Whether it is time to re-pave or make repairs, Soles Paving is the asphalt contractor for your project. We have been milling and paving throughout Texas for over 40 years. We specialize in various cold milling operations of any roadway and/or parking lots.

Crack Filling

The first impression begins when someone drives up to your residential or commercial property. It should have a nice smooth surface, devoid of unsightly cracks. Fixing cracks before they become potholes is the smartest thing to do. Call Soles Paving for your next crack filling project.

Top Team

Why Choose Soles Paving?

Soles Paving employs the best asphalt and concrete craftsmen and skilled craft workers ensuring that each phase of the project is handled with expertise. Our size, our manpower and our utilization of the right equipment means you get the best on time and on budget.

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Family Owned and Operated

We are a company that boasts a 3rd generation of family operators and ownership. We are second to none when it comes to asphalt and concrete paving services. For more than four decades, we have provided superior residential & commercial services for the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.


Stellar Reputation

With more than 40 years in the business, we have earned the reputation of being a top-notch asphalt and concrete company. When you hire us, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you are getting a top quality pavement at the lowest possible price.

Call us today at (713) 824-9450 or email

Our expertise in asphalt & concrete paving is well known throughout the Greater Houston and surrounding area. We have installed literally hundreds of asphalt parking lots of various sizes and shapes, along with curbs, gutters, storm drainage and striping. Contact us today for an estimate!